Your shoes work hard to keep you looking your best: it’s only right you return the favour by taking the time to care for them with tailored products. Just like clothes, shoes need cleaning, and luckily we have a huge range of shoe cleaner and shoe care products and accessories, as well as care kits and shoe trees, not to mention waterproofing and shoe cream products. Read on for our ladies shoe upkeep and cleaning tips. Over the course of their lifetime, most women put their shoes to work over-time.

Come rain or shine, they’re out there hitting the road, taking you from the gym to the office to evening events, and fading, staining, and amassing general wear and tear in the process. To get them looking as good as new, polish them to a shine once you’ve given them a good clean with the right type of product. Whether your boots and shoes are made from leather, suede nubuck, fabric or canvas, grab yourself a boot brush and some targeted polish, and roll up those sleeves. Before you begin, use a cloth or brush to smooth product across the entire surface, from soles to laces. Don’t forget to tackle your insoles, too! Boost your shoes’ lifespan and turn them rain-friendly by adding a layer of waterproofing - crucial for protecting suede and velvet from water and dampness. Patent and leather shoes need special care and attention using gentler products such as milks and waxes, with formulas designed to be kind on their surfaces. Browse our shoe cleaning kit options and shoe care kits and find the right product type for you - you’ll find a huge range of shoe care products in spray and wax form. Colourless products are perfect for using on lots of different shoe types (including women’s wedges shoes), while tinted waxes buff leather back to a shine. Start with a shoe shine brush and basic shoe cleaning kit you can use on all your favourite women’s shoes such as your sneakers and trainers. Read on and explore our collection of shoe care and waterproofing products!

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