We got sole. Soles and insoles are incredibly important when it comes to giving your feet the comfort, arch support and stability they need, and can also help out if your shoes or boots are slightly too big, or if you’re between sizes. Keeping you company day after day, soles and insoles absorb shock and sweat for comfortable, dry feet, perfect balance, and shoes that can go all day.

Soles, insoles, gel pads, memory foam cushioning, shoe inserts, and no-slip patches: Minelli’s range of foot-pampering accessories have got you covered. Start by making sure you’ve got the right fit and size when choosing your shoe - it’ll save you having to pick out a new pair later on. Don’t forget that poorly-fitting shoes can cause significant pain and major problems later down the line.

Once you’ve found a pair of shoes that fit properly, think about your heel: a low heel of the type found on our women’s ankle boots is ideal. If you’ve chosen a lace-up style, do your laces up properly to keep your foot and ankle supported.

Next, slip in your shoe insoles to boost comfort levels - invaluable, especially on wedges. Black leather will work with most types of shoe, but women with a perfectionist streak will find different materials and colors to match their shoes’ lining as closely as possible. An insole is ideal in closed shoes like women’s sneakers and trainers, and is designed to be discreet and practically invisible - perfect for most types of women’s shoes.

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