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Women's Hats and Caps

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    Ladies, when the first chills start creeping into the air, it’s time to dust off your hats and start covering up. Initially invented as a way of keeping the cold and rain away, hats are everywhere these days, having become fashion accessories in their own right, and frequently making runway headlines. From packable sun hat and bucket hat styles to classic winter warmers and elegant berets, all women can rock a hat - provided they choose the right style. Having fallen out of fashion in the late sixties on, now they’re back in the limelight, pulling together your outfits with style and flair, lending you a touch of mystery and gravitas, or injecting a little fun into more understated looks. Hats off...

    Hats work whatever the season, and are a fantastic way of lending a new lease of life to your outfit. Choose a black, navy or dark wide-brimmed wool hat or fedora for a gender-fluid feel, or reach for a red, green, or white baseball cap or beret for something a little lighter. Available in a huge range of colors and sizes, our hats feel fresh, fun and youthful, and are designed to work with our women’s shoes, too.

    A gorgeous navy blue woolly hat is a beautiful touch to more sophisticated outfits, and we particularly love knitted and cashmere designs, with bobbles and turn-ups for extra interest. Match yours to your scarf, or swing the other way and choose clashing colors and patterns for an on-trend off-beat feel. Embrace feminine detailing like jeweled, beaded, and sequined designs - a quick and easy way of making your hats feel unique and you, in a similar way to our women’s leather goods.

    Feel like you don’t suit hats? You’re just out of practice, that’s all! Try a different kind of product to ease you into it, like knitted headbands or glittery Alice bands, which do an amazing job of keeping you warm, cozy, and on point. And come summer, reach for a baseball cap or straw hat to keep cool in the sun.

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