We’re treating you to a whole range of men’s shoe care products, shoe care kits and shoe shine kits to keep your shoes and boots looking their best. From nubuck suede sponges, colourless cleansing milks, waterproofing sprays, leather buffers, shoe trees, brushes and boot stretchers, you’ll find the shoe shine or shoe brush to whip your leather shoes and dress shoes into shape in no time for quality footwear that'll last and last.

Our own-brand or Famaco men’s shoe care products are ideal for maintaining gloss, colour and shine, while keeping shoes dry and protected from the weather. Use the right brushes and sponges to apply product across the outer surface of your shoes: cleaning your shoes, laces and soles with targeted products is the crucial first step to keeping yours looking impeccable.

Once you’ve stored them away in your closet, shoes can deteriorate a little, which is why shoe trees and stretchers are on hand to keep them in good nick.

A little care and attention is all that’s needed for perfect shoes that stay looking good over the years. There’s a different type of leather shoe polish, wax and brush to suit all leathers - check out our selection from our men’s shoe care products range.

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