The men’s shoe soles in our range are ideal for improving comfort and support whatever the type of men’s shoes you prefer. Insoles and soles absorb shock and take pressure of your ankles and knees, and are a great idea whether you’re wearing leather shoes, Oxford shoes, boat shoes or Chelsea boots.

Your soles and insoles can also help out if you haven’t quite got the right fit, boosting your comfort levels and preventing pain while keeping your feet healthy and in good shape.

Check out our range and find men’s shoe soles to fit perfectly in your shoes - including chunky sole styles. Start by choosing the right fit of shoe for you to ensure you get maximum support

A well-fitting pair of shoes is a good place to start, and don’t forget to do your laces up snug and tight to treat your ankles to the support they need. Insoles can then be added, and should be maintained as part of your shoe care routine: check out our accessories shoe care kits for a little helping hand. Men’s shoe soles and insoles are ideal for lending closed styles suppleness and sturdiness to last a lifetime.

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