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Men's wedding & ceremony shoes

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    Baptism, wedding, gala dinner, awards ceremony... every occasion is worthy of the most beautiful men's wedding shoes. Very formal or more casual, coloured or black, Minelli offers a wide range of wedding shoes to guarantee elegance and sophistication in every case.

    Brogues or Derby shoes: elegant wedding shoes

    Very formal but also rather elegant, brogues and Derby shoes are the two main styles of men's wedding shoes.

    A pair of brogues will look great with a blue or dark grey three-piece suit. For a really chic look, opt for the shoes in black leather in line with Italian know-how.

    Derby shoes are less formal with their elegant curves which make them more versatile. They can easily be worn in the city with jeans for a business casual look. To break the simplicity of the shoe, opt for a style with inserts

    What is the ideal colour for wedding shoes?

    Black is a safe bet for wedding shoes, whether they are brogues, Derby shoes or loafers. But sobriety does not detract from the trend: shoes are easily enhanced with discreet overstitching that adds a final touch of elegance.

    For a more casual outfit, coloured wedding shoes, usually in brown, add a touch of freshness. The darker the colour, the more sober the shoe will look. A light cognac colour will look more like a dress shoe. A fashion detail that makes the difference: the toe of the shoe may appear smoky to add a particularly elegant and trendy touch.

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